Ghostcode Soundtrack

Release Date: 2023

Released on their own imprint – AUDINT Records – in late 2023, AUDINT’s
soundtrack to their 256-page expanded graphic novel Ghostcode consists
of 16 tracks spread over 2 pieces of 180gm vinyl with a matt varnished
insert that holds two architectural illustrations of circular cities. Along with a
9-minute animated film that comes with the package through an online
URL/password and upcoming immersive installations the project continues
to extend and distribute its narrative through a range of emergent media
such as AI, lazers and subsonic/hypersonic speakers. Vaporwave ambience
and musique concrete meets trap and electro on this soundtrack of haunted
dystopias that matches each of the 16 tracks to the 16 chapters of the graphic novel.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please e-mail to